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doesn't get people elected. that's the problem with these politicians. >> to the election the "new york times" says the article on the three democrat senators, the southern democrats that are left, are they moving towards a budget resolution because the democrats are so concerned about losing the senate? >> the democrats are worried about losing the senate for a variety of reasons but it will have more to do with the health care law than the budget. but yes, those folks are worried about their seats. they don't want to see anything that causes pain in terms of their electoral chances. another government shutdown might help democrat's chances because republicans would be blamed. so there's some odd politics but yes those senators are worried about their seats. and harry reid is worried about holding on to the gavel in the senate chamber but it's not a huge risk compared to few months ago. >> thank you very much. we'll continue with david stockman. fired up about chairman bernanke. >> we wouldn't have it any other way. coming up, a merger set to close today. what are the ingredients for s
of wayne us areas. the economy there collapsed. that plays into capitalism. >> when he was elected, many people did not know who he was. we are still learning about him and his time. also, his interactions with the poor. he is someone who is always reached out. >> the phrase that i use is ripped up the script. we just saw images of desmond tutu. the anglican experience against the africana experience in south africa. with in the religion of south africa, there has been so much to mull. -- tumult. catholic, what do you see for south africa as they try to move forward? this is a huge issue. >> nelson mandela was a huge, unifying figure. even in the last years of his life, he still helped people together. what will happen among these groups in the coming days and years will be critical. >> when you see south africa, do you perceive that religion still is front and center? i believe that he was in a methodist school coming out of the tribes way back. his religion still important there? >> i think that the anglican church still has a presence there. it can definitely play a role. >> part of t
election question? >> a lot to resolve in washington. also coming up, ford has a new must end. will the new revamped model used the brand? >> ♪ >> tomorrow, jobs day, 8:30 a.m. in the morning. onerage on bloomberg radio, bloomberg television. betty liu will go beneath the headline data at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. this morning on "in the loop" you have something of going on. >> a slew of news. but i'm excited to see the new mustang coming out from fort. in brilliant orchid -- >> no, it is radiant orchid. is furtherht say it evidence that manufacturing in the united states is coming back. we will see more and more jobs. the gary shilling will be joining us and he says, forget that. that is all a bunch of baloney. any factoring jobs in the united states are not coming back. in thefacturing jobs united states are not coming back and what you see is a blip on the screen. like w, don't you? >> it is a rumor. -- you reportedlysomebody the world -- >> very good. i am motivated. oh wait. is it too early? >> we have been up since 2:00. 5:00 p.m. in belgrade. it is perfect this morning. whiskey
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3